‘ Reborn Rich ‘ Episode 6 Recap and Review


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Reborn Rich Episode 6 Recap

The story of Jin Do-joon’s mother’s death is a story of the death of his mother. Jin Do-joon goes to the store to look for any clues, but suddenly he finds his own report card with excellent grades. The woman’s mother said that she would make a lot of money after graduating from college, and that she would buy the store.


The first time he found out that his mother had invested in the stocks of Sunyang Life Science, it seemed to be a clue to his mother’s death, because his mother was not a person who was desperate for money and his family did not have the financial means to invest the family’s money in stocks, and it was Sunyang Life Science that went out of business after liquidation. He said that he did not look down on Seo Min-young, but that he was not qualified. After Oh Se-hyun’s analysis, this Sunyang Life Science is basically a way for people inside Sunyang to speculate on stocks and use the spread profit money to acquire the stocks of Sunyang properties, Jin Do-joon suddenly realized that this is Jin Yang-chul’s way to pave the way for succession so as to avoid estate tax and thus sacrifice the retail investors of Sunyang Life Science, Jin Yang-chul. The government is now mandating the plutocratic reform in the name of hiding the fact that Jin Yang-chul is taking these actions.


Jin Do-joon said from Jin Yang-chul that he was acting in line with the government’s policy, and he told Jin Do-joon not to worry about the common people who are retail investors because he will not be a common person in his life, but Jin Yang-chul’s grandson. Jin Dong-ki is happy with the situation because Jin Yang-chul is already laying out his succession, but instead of sending Jin Seong-joon to work for the main company, Jin Seong-joon later admits to everyone that he asked for it because he doesn’t want to give up this sunset business. However, when Yoo Ji-na said that Jin Seong-joon should go into politics because he is such a good talker, Jin Yang-chul was totally annoyed because he was and still is in a crisis because of the government’s policy, and the tail of the typhoon even involved Choi Chang-je’s election for mayor. The company’s main business is the company’s business.


The first time, he said, “I’m not going to be able to do this. The next day, Jin Yang-chul took Jin Seong-joon to the development site of a new town in Seoul, where the main stadium for the World Cup will be built and a new town will be built next to it. The Internet industry is still immature and the stock price is still volatile. Oh Sehyun mentioned that the most expensive house in the U.S. is in Silicon Valley, where new industries need land and money will flow there. The time will come

The first time Rachel finds a company that she can buy, Jin Seong-joon tells her father that he has a reason to work for a construction company, not because he doesn’t want to give up his inheritance, just like the marriage contract with Mo Hyun-min, and he agrees to do his best to make Jin Yang-chul happy. The new town development needs to cooperate with the new mayor, and Jin Yang-chul can decide who can be the mayor by money. On the other hand, Oh Se-hyun also wants to bring in Choi Chang-je to elect the mayor, but this financial support is rejected by Jin Hwa-young, because they cannot betray their father by handing over the right to build the new town until Oh Se-hyun says that he will keep the secret from Jin Yang-chul forever, which really impresses the couple. Choi Chang-je also uses his position as a prosecutor to create a “spirit of the times” to fight corruption, and Diya Construction becomes the target of the investigation to create a righteous image, so Jin Do-joon can take advantage of this time to buy Diya Construction.


The two of them are the first to be investigated by Jin Yang-chul, who threatens Choi Chang-je to give up on his own, but this time, Choi Chang-je is listening to Jin Do-joon and faces Jin Yang-chul alone, saying that he wants to be a plutocrat. He is a sniper to reveal that Soon-yang has obtained secret funds from stock speculation, and because of this threat, Jin Yang-chul chooses to compromise, and he asks Choi Chang-je to promise him one thing. He also knows that Choi Chang-je has someone behind him to help him out, so he asks Mr. Lee to investigate.


He is also the first person to be appointed as the mayor of Seoul, and immediately gives the right to develop the new town to Diya Construction. Mo Hyun-min asks someone to investigate Jin Do-joon, and finds out that he is not going to the language school, but has something to do with Miracle Investment Company. He is not a linguistic school, but a miracle investment company. The police have been trying to arrest Oh Se-hyun for bribing the mayor of Choi Chang-je to get the construction rights, and Lee Hang-jae has sent a message to Oh Se-hyun to bring the real owner of the miracle to Jin Yang-chul. Mo Hyun-min has told her that she knows the owner of the miracle is Jin Yang-chul. The woman who is the owner of the miracle, Jin Do-joon, goes to Jung-sim-jae to meet Jin Yang-chul and introduces herself as the owner of the miracle.

Reborn Rich Episode 6 Review

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The story line of “Reborn Rich” episode 6 is written to expand the value of the hatred that Yoon Hyun-woo must take against Soon-yang, because in this time period, Jin Do-joon still can’t stop the fact that Yoon Hyun-woo’s mother died of heart paralysis because Soon-yang made his father lose his job; but in Jin Do-joon’s time period, his mother died of “suicide” and the culprit is still Soon-yang. In Jin Do-joon’s time world, her mother died of “suicide”, and the culprit is still Soon-Yo, and all together, Soon-Yo is the reason for the breakup of Yoon Hyun-woo’s family in any form. In the beginning, when Jin Do-joon thought back to the time when he was still Yoon Hyun-woo, he answered a few details, Jin Do-joon would buy his mother’s store because he wanted to fulfill Yoon Hyun-woo’s previous promise to his mother, and his mother would buy shares of Yoon Hyun-woo more or less because of Yoon Hyun-woo’s college expenses (episode 5). In the fifth episode, Yoon Hyun-woo’s father went to join the union to fight instead of finding a new job, and at that time, his mother even said something about finding a way out). This echoes why Jin Do-joon told Seo Min-young that being born into a wealthy family is a privilege that comes with free birth, because in contrast to Yoon Hyun-woo’s past, when his family was forced to break up because of college, it is ironic that even birth can be a privilege. The movie is about the privilege of being born.

I really think Jin Do-joon’s performance is superb when she is holding her mother’s coat and crying in the store. The director has created a scene in which the audience can relate to the experience of “the mother’s back at work”, “the mother’s words “I’ll do what I can”, “the mother has no new clothes to wear but the child’s junior high school jacket”, “the mother is trying to find a way to give her child the dream she wants”, etc. These elements are highlighted in the scene to create the selflessness and greatness of the mother’s dedication to her child.

The story of Yoon Hyun-woo’s mother is presented in such a way that the scriptwriter and director use it to deepen Jin Do-joon’s hatred for Soon-yang, so the story is structured in such a way that Jin Do-joon finds out the truth about Soon-yang’s domineering and evil ways, and silently brings out that Jin Yang-chul is now about to pave the way to inheritance. The struggle to bring Jin Seong-joon into the picture.

  • Soon Yang Life Science was originally a marketing deficit subsidiary with no real name, but after the IMF suddenly appeared a bunch of related reports, under the banner of owning together, full of hope and dream country, because of these reports, the plummeting Soon Yang Life Science stock hit a record of a day stop, so the small shareholders and retail investors who trust the reputation of Soon Yang, will not hesitate to buy this stock, and Soon Yang not continue to invest in the company, but to dissolve and liquidate. Instead of continuing to invest in the company, it was dissolved and liquidated.
  • An overseas institution invests in short-term buying and selling of Sunyang Life Science stock to earn a huge spread, which is a very high-risk play, against the timing of this institution selling shares is Jin Yang-chul and and Cheong Wa Dae agreed on a major transaction policy officially released the day before, those investors with information will of course technically exit strategy, which is equivalent to the relationship between Sunyang and overseas institutions, it turns out that the inside of the The members are the former treasurer of SUNGYO, so the overseas institutions can be said to be the secret treasury of SUNGYO.

    In a nutshell, Shunyang is deliberately using Shunyang Life Sciences to speculate on stocks for profit, the benefit of the stock price difference funds to acquire the shares of Shunyang Property, because Shunyang Property is the parent enterprise that exercises group dominance, this way you can avoid estate tax.

“Why do you have to worry about those people? In the last episode, I mentioned that in the moment of crisis, Jin Yang-chul’s wolfishness came out and his actions were both cruel and inhuman. But for Yoon Hyun-woo, who comes from a poor background, the power of a plutocrat’s decision to destroy a person’s life is something that must be taken into account in order to be called “righteous business”. (So maybe that’s why Jin Do-joon went to law school? The purpose is to use the law to fight against the darkness and injustice of the Sunyang? I remember that in the first episode, when Yoon Hyun-woo was the head of the future asset management team, he helped hide some illegal information, which means that there have been many violations of the law in Soon-yang. (I thought he was going to study accounting, because after all, he was the one in charge of money in the past, so if it’s going in the direction of law, it might be that Jin Do-joon wants to use the law to destroy the leverage of Soon-yang and then buy Soon-yang)

The reason why Jin Seong-joon volunteered to go to the construction of Sunyang, which was not in demand? In the fifth episode, as soon as Jin Yang-chul saw Jin Seong-joon’s return, he said to Jin Seong-joon, “You are the spiritual pillar of our family”, which shows that Jin Seong-joon is expecting Jin Seong-joon to come back. However, the fact that Jin Seong-joon chose to go to the construction company I think is partly because he wants to avoid all of Jin Yang-chul’s plans for him. The first time I saw him, I thought he was going to be a good person.

However, Jin Seong-joon’s role is not so clean and innocent, especially the scene where he drizzled tea on Yoon Hyun-woo’s head in the first episode, plus the fact that in the sixth episode Jin Seong-joon volunteered to go to the construction company seems to be not hiding from Jin Yang-chul, but calculating his own script to take into account Jin Yang-chul. Young-gi is now in the cold house of Jin Yang-chul, and he has to try his best to please Jin Yang-chul. It seems that Jin Seong-joon himself is not refusing to inherit, but he wants to build his own way, especially this episode’s business battle in developing “Sangam-dong Digital Media City”. However, it’s a pity that the scriptwriter let Jin Seong-joon’s character be sentenced out of the development case without fighting at all in this episode, but the next episode will be a real battle of shame. The first thing you need to do is to get a new one.

In the first episode, Lee Hae-in said that he was willing to give all his shares in exchange for the truth about his son’s accident, which means that Jin Do-joon’s death is not just a case of “accident”. This means that Jin Do-joon’s death was not a mere accident, but a human factor, plus the cause of Jin Yang-chul’s death was not revealed in the first episode, so the cause of Jin Yang-chul’s death may also be questionable.

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Jin Do-joon’s chess game in this episode is the opposite of Jin Yang-chul’s. It’s very exciting, as Jin Yang-chul’s incompetent countdown of Choi Chang-je at the dinner table has become a pawn for Jin Do-joon to use. At the dinner table, Jin Yang-chul said, “You have nothing but being Jin Yang-chul’s son-in-law,” which became very ironic because Jin Do-joon let Choi Chang-je pull out the tricks taught by Jin Do-joon to make a career without Jin Yang-chul XD (And after Choi Chang-je was elected, Jin Yang-chul also said (And after Choi Chang-je was elected, Jin Yang-chul said, “No matter where you are in your position, you are my Jin Yang-chul’s only proud son-in-law” XD That’s too much of a turn of phrase)

Choi Chang-je’s role is caught in the middle, but the atmosphere of the battle of wits between Jin Do-joon and Jin Yang-chul is not small, and Choi Chang-je is the key to Jin Do-joon’s construction rights, but if Choi Chang-je gives the construction rights to Jin Do-joon, it is the same as declaring war on Jin Yang-chul. Yang-chul, in the end Choi Chang-je still betrayed Jin Yang-chul is a surprising bridge, but I am thinking that there is a big reason, that is, Jin Do-joon this episode said “the power of the regime is still strong, can be used to control the power of money”, Choi Chang-je will be so afraid of death to rebel against Jin Yang-chul Yang-chul, and Choi Chang-je if even Oh Se-hyun are betrayed, then they will also suffer, in addition to Jin Yang-chul’s previous to Choi Chang-je count, to Choi Chang-je will certainly also remember in mind (and Choi son-in-law said “I behind the …. (The son-in-law of Choi said, “I am the 10 million citizens of Seoul”, which is very cool)