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(2023)” Weathering ” Movie Review : A short psychological thriller film

2023 ” Weathering ” Review


Weathering ” is an extremely short psychological thriller film, with a running time of only 20 minutes, which can be quickly watched. However, despite its short length, the film’s meaning and depth of characterization are quite impressive. I personally recommend “Weathering” as a short film.

The story of ” Weathering ” follows a woman who, after experiencing a painful childbirth and losing her child, falls into heartbreak and trauma. Nobody takes her seriously or offers her help, and she begins to experience hallucinations within the four walls of her home. “Weathering” delves deeply into the struggles and heartbreak that women face during pregnancy and after losing a child, which can be a nightmare, especially for black women.

Through a feminist perspective, ” Weathering ” presents the emotional and psychological changes women undergo during pregnancy and after losing a child. The film explores the societal and personal pressures of motherhood and childbirth, as well as the need to redefine one’s self-identity and worth.The film’s exploration of these profound emotional themes and the experiences of women gives it a certain social significance and value in contemporary society.

I think that the plot of the film is quite simple, but the simpler the plot, the harder it is to execute well. In some ways, ” Weathering ” has done a good job of presenting a simple plot with deep emotional characterization. The film truly succeeds in making the audience feel the emotions and inner world of the female protagonist. Through sharp scene cuts and editing techniques, the film enhances the feeling of anxiety and paranoia for the character and helps the audience understand her psychological state. The director also uses some metaphors and symbolic techniques to aid in this. I believe that while watching this film, the audience will feel that even if they have not experienced the same painful experience as the female protagonist, they can still deeply feel the emotions and struggles she faces when dealing with the loss of a child and heartbreak.

Despite its short length, ” Weathering ” is able to convey its ideas and emotions effectively. The plot may feel rushed at times, but I think the director was able to capture the essence of the story and the character’s struggles. If the film had included more scenes to fill the time, it could have become repetitive and lose its impact. Instead, “Weathering” is able to evoke a strong emotional response from the audience and present a profound story in such a short amount of time, which I think is quite impressive.

Overall, ” Weathering ” is an emotionally intense and impressive psychological thriller short film that presents the emotional and psychological changes that women experience during pregnancy and after losing a child through its excellent screenplay and performances. The director’s storytelling techniques also add a lot of color to the film. “Weathering” is suitable for audiences who are interested in emotional and psychological stories, especially those who are interested in the emotional experiences of female and motherly characters. As the length of the film is short, this article does not go into too much detail to avoid spoilers. However, my personal conclusion is that I would recommend “Weathering” to those who enjoy deeply drawn-out portrayals of trauma, but only to those audiences. Otherwise, you might find the film boring.

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