‘ Reborn Rich ‘ Episode 3 Recap and Review


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Reborn Rich Episode 3 Recap

In the previous episode (episode 2), Jin Do-joon got 50,000 pyeong of abandoned land in Bundang City in exchange for getting into the law school with Jin Yang-chul, and this Bundang City has become a new city with 390,000 people living there for a few years. Yang-chul was satisfied with Jin Do-joon’s ability, but he began to be concerned about how Jin Do-joon was going to spend the money, and had been silently observing whether Jin Do-joon himself was really discerning or lucky. The Chen siblings are also becoming nervous about Jin Do-joon’s presence and feel that Jin Yang-chul is letting Jin Do-joon off the hook too much. However, Jin Young-gi feels that the 24 billion won is the price for saving Jin Yang-chul, and if not for Jin Do-joon, Jin Yang-chul would have been dead long ago, so he feels that there is no need to be so concerned about everything. However, Jin Hwa-young thinks that this may be a way for Jin Yang-chul to test Jin Do-joon as his successor.

On January 23, 1996, Jin Do-joon met 20-year-old Seo Min-young on the way to the New York Film Festival, saying that he could make money again (Jin Do-joon had insisted that his father make a lot of money by investing in the movie “The Kid”). She was very surprised when she met 20-year-old Seo Min-young who was crying because her favorite boy group (Seo Tae-ji and his children) had retired. The company’s son-in-law suggested to Jin Yang-chul that the acquisition of the steel company could help other subsidiaries of Soon-Yang that need steel materials, and he said that he could cooperate with Soon-Yang during the repayment period as long as the government allows it. The government has not made a decision right away, and Choi’s son-in-law has taken the opportunity to say that he plans to run for Congress in April, asking Jin Yang-chul to help him sail.

The film festival was held in New York City, and Jin Hyung-joon talked about his dream that Korean movies and music would one day be dominant, but Jin Do-joon thought it was amazing that it was actually happening in 2022. After that, Jin Do-joon bumped into a movie investor who said that the lucky donut he had was worth 10 million dollars, and Jin Do-joon had nothing to say. Jin Do-joon came to the festival to invest in Titanic, so that he could get a share of the movie’s huge box office revenue. When he saw the match between the supercomputer and the backgammon champion on TV, Jin Do-joon told Oh Se-hyun that the supercomputer would win and that he should invest in IBM before the match ended. The movie is a great success.

When Jin Do-joon said that he wanted to ask Oh Se-hyun to help him invest in a US company, Jin Do-joon was still considered too young to be trusted. On the other hand, the acquisition of the steel company had to raise at least 400 billion hundred billion won, but this was almost all of Soon-Yang’s assets, so he asked for less than 300 billion won and handed the task to Jin Young-gi. The company’s main goal is to provide a good solution to the problem.

Lee Hang-jae asks Jin Young-gi to seize this opportunity to prove that he has the ability to inherit, and then goes to Jin Yang-chul to report that Jin Young-gi is really prying. At the same time, Jin Yang-chul sends a driver to take Jin Do-joon to and from school. Jin Do-joon says that he only needs to be dropped off at a place near the school to avoid attracting attention (but Ha In-seok is basically watching Jin Do-joon all the time). The first time he saw Seo Min-young, Jin Do-joon was attracted to her and asked her out to dinner. The place Jin Do-joon took Seo Min-young to was the prestigious club, which made Seo Min-young a little unhappy that she was being used because she didn’t want to come at all, she thought it was a hotbed for everyone to cover up their privileges after graduation. She thinks it is a hotbed of privilege for everyone to cover up each other’s crimes after graduation.

Jin Yang-chul is thinking that Oh Se-hyun is just a pawn, and that there is someone else on the chessboard, and Jin Young-gi is thinking that Oh Se-hyun is just a pawn. Jin Yang-chul is thinking that Oh Se-hyun is just a pawn and there should be someone else on the board. Jin Do-joon explains to Oh Se-hyun that he doesn’t want the steel company to fall into Jin Young-gi’s hands, and that his ultimate goal is to take over the whole of Sunyang and become its master.

Reborn Rich Episode 3 Review

3集劇情、推理心得 1

Are you just a visionary or lucky?

“Are you lucky or have you gotten lucky?”

“I think it is lucky that not everyone can have such a grandfather.

The first episode of the show, the scriptwriter often uses the key words “hard work” vs. “luck” to describe Yoon Hyun-woo, even at the beginning of the first episode, when the bank commissioner says, “Is it hard work or luck that you have a huge fortune at such a young age?

I think this is the idea that the scriptwriter has been trying to express that “not everyone who has the conditions of luck will want to work hard”, and Yoon Hyun-woo came from a poor family before he died, so he knows how hard it is to survive in this world of the weak and the strong without any resources at hand, especially at the end of episode 1 when Yoon Hyun-woo ends up The second episode of Yoon Hyun-woo said, “I was born as Jin Do-joon not as a possession or a crossover, nor as a rebirth, but this life is an opportunity for me.

Therefore, Yoon Hyun-woo is lucky to be born in a family of a wealthy family, which is like having “luck” in the hands of outsiders, and Jin Do-joon will take every step carefully because he cherishes this opportunity. Jin Do-joon is just a piece of shit), so these people who take the luck they have at the beginning for granted will not cherish it and think that it is their own, just like the character Jin Seong-joon at the beginning, and even all the other characters who have been coveting the position of successor, even though they I already have, but still want to “pay nothing” but greedy to take more.

I really like this episode Jin Do-joon said “victory over artificial intelligence, guarding the last of human pride, and desire always makes humans lose judgment”, humans such animals will always be all their emotions dominated by all choices, especially desire, compared to the character members of the Sunyang Group family, people in this family is like in the pool of desire is never satisfied, already have a lot still want more This will make people’s judgment more and more dark and limitless, but instead lose their sanity, this paragraph I feel a bit like a hint of the original Jin Do-joon when the family “disappeared” in the accident.

This is especially true now that Jin Do-joon’s family is recognized by Jin Yang-chul as a family, which can be seen from the family photo of Jin Yang-chul’s family in this episode, where Jin Do-joon’s family has been added. The family’s role is to show their desires, but also to keep their dignity, so many judgments will become more and more irrational and out of control.

When Seo Min-young talks about how she dislikes the famous family, the scriptwriter is cleverly portraying the character of Seo Min-young, “After graduating from school, she has a good reputation in society. The character of Seo Min-young, who has a place in the society after graduation, is looking after each other’s friendship whenever there is a problem? Is it the kind of friendship that is so close and deep that the legal system is nothing? Do you call this a social occasion? Do you call this a social occasion? What I can enjoy here is not a warm friendship, but a solid privilege, and this place is not for me at all, because I have never enjoyed and never expected that privilege.

Twenty years ago, Seo Min-young’s words echoed the reason why she is so cold and hard on a plutocrat like Soon-yang who is committing crimes twenty years later. The first time I saw her, I thought she was not criticizing Seo Min-young’s ideas as being wrong, but rather Jin Do-joon’s recognition of the existence of money and resources, and Jin Do-joon said to Seo Min-young, “You don’t think you have anything to do with these privileges now, do you? Don’t you think it’s thanks to your parents’ reliable financial and psychological support? In the first episode, we can see that Yoon Hyun-woo was born into an ordinary family with no resources, so maybe the script is now explaining why Yoon Hyun-woo only had a high school diploma in the first place, because his family didn’t have so many resources to make his life go well. This also shows that Yoon Hyun-woo will cherish the opportunity to become Jin Do-joon and the resources he was lucky enough to get, and echoes Jin Do-joon’s words to Jin Yang-chul, “Not everyone can have such a grandfather, so I should be lucky. The movie is about a man who is lucky and has resources in his hands.

I think the scriptwriter deliberately turned Yoon Hyun-woo, who is living by the skin of his teeth, into Jin Do-joon, who has money, because he wants to show that there is no shame in owning wealth, but rather that being lucky enough to have such resources becomes a watershed between good and evil.

Reborn Rich” episode 3 real historical events inspiration source

Seo Tae-ji retired and disbanded

Seo Min-young cried while watching the TV, the TV is “Seo Tae-chi and the boys” boy band, debuted in 1989, Seo Tae-chi first used the name Seo Tae-chi, founded the group “Seo Tae-chi and the boys” in 1992, they have a modern sense of dance, rap music style, injected new blood into the Korean music scene, gradually replaced the mainstream in the music scene at the time “Korean show song” style Music.

Seo Tae-ji was the key figure in changing the style of Korean music, I should say that he is the kind of person that “without Seo Tae-ji, there would be no Korean pop music today”. In the drama, the shock and despair of Seo Min-young and the passersby can show the splendid existence of Seo Tae-ji as a singer.

● Acquiring a steel company echoes Jin Do-joon’s exchange of money for dollars

Choi’s son-in-law “Hando Steel should not last a month, it’s a good opportunity to buy it at a low price”

Jin Yang-chul “Who told them to borrow excessively to strengthen themselves”


In 1996, South Korea was in a period of high economic prosperity, especially when it joined the OECD, so the Korean economy was at a high point at that time. However, the time point that Choi’s son-in-law gave Jin Yang-chul in this episode was “January 23, 1996” (the author should have used this time event as an inspiration, not to restore the historical event), just as the drama said, because this steel company was unable to pay its debts due to excessive borrowing and was about to fail, while in the real life of the past Korea, this railway company was declared bankrupt in 1997 due to the Asian financial crisis. The day it was declared bankrupt was also called “National Shame Day”, and other plutocrats and companies followed one after another because they all had unaffordable debts like Hanbo Steel and the economy bubbled.


The year 1997 was the dark period of the Asian financial crisis in Korea, and the Korean economy showed signs of imminent bankruptcy, which led to the 1998 gold-donation campaign. This also explains why Jin Do-joon exchanged his money for US dollars in 1996 in preparation for the Asian financial crisis, which had already begun in 1996. If viewers have watched “25, 21”, they will understand that in January 1988, there was a movement in Korea called the “gold donation campaign”, which was a nationwide campaign to save the country by paying off the national bonds with gold, and in real life, Korea really paid off its debts in just four years, and this kind of centripetal force is also very impressive.

● Decades of efforts in the Korean film and entertainment industry

Jin Hyung-joon: “When will our country’s movies rival Hollywood? If that day really comes, then our country’s singers can occupy the number one spot on the US Billboard charts, I know, but can’t we dream? Dreams do come true, don’t you know?

//MIR 文中廣告

This is the reason why Jin Do-joon looked at Jin Hyung-joon after listening to this, because Jin Hyung-joon never thought that in 2022, the situation would really be like this, and that the Korean wave would occupy an important position in the entertainment industry worldwide.

I believe that audiences, whether they are following Korean dramas or watching Korean movies, will feel that the quality is at least of a certain standard. I think the writer-director leads the audience to understand that Korea has been working hard in the field of film industry, and that no matter what company starts, it takes time to pile up and ferment (just like the concept of Jin Do-joon asking Jin Yang-chul to take time to build himself up in the second episode), which allows the audience to see the patience and dedication of Korea in various fields. This shows the audience the patience and dedication of Korea in various fields, and that it is only by taking one step at a time that they have become brilliant today.