‘ Reborn Rich ‘ Episode 5 Recap and Review


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Reborn Rich Episode 5 Recap

The government accepted the IMF’s $21 billion in financial aid, but was asked to make many restrictions and exchange conditions. Just before that day came, Yoon Hyun-woo’s father, an employee of Yazin Motors, was also facing unpaid wages from the company. Oh Se-hyun thought it was strange that Jin Do-joon could predict the disaster, but Jin Do-joon only said that he could have predicted it from the country’s accounts, and that it was only a matter of time before it happened. The first company Jin Do-joon established Miracle Investment Company is now planning to acquire is Yazhin Automobile (the second largest domestic market share), because Yazhin Automobile is also unable to repay the huge loan into court receivership proceedings.


In February 1998, the president called a dinner meeting with a big plutocrat, Joo Young-il urged Jin Yang-chul to pay attention to the auto industry not to collapse like Yazin Motors, Jin Yang-chul choked back that Soon Yang could do the international market that the big business did not dare to do, but Joo Young-il brought Jin Dong-ki betrayal to talk about, really upset Jin Yang-chul. However, the IMF and Cheong Wa Dae’s attitude towards the plutocratic reorganization is tough, but Jin Yang-chul is planning to buy Yazin Motors, at least in the auto industry to expand and maintain his obsession, which Jin Do-joon also knows, but he is confident that Sunyang will not buy Yazin Motors, because now their finances and loans are already unaffordable. The two of them are the first to be married and the second to be married.


The first day, Jin Seong-joon’s wedding was arranged and he was very happy to see Jin Seong-joon’s return. The next day, Oh Se-hyun went to see Song Hyun-chan, a representative of Ajin Auto, to discuss the acquisition, promising to keep the original staff and give the representative the right to run the business. The mother is not able to pay for Yoon Hyun-woo’s college tuition, but the father says that he doesn’t know what he did wrong to make himself such a loser, and Jin Do-joon runs out to find him in time.

In the campaign, the women of Soon-yang also made a big donation in front of the media to “deliberately” raise the image of Soon-yang, and with the help of Hyun-seong-joon, it helped to boost the low participation in the campaign. After that, Jin Yang-chul questioned Jin Do-joon when he heard that Ah-jin’s car was bought out by Oh Se-hyun, and said that the decision to keep the laborers was a joke, but Jin Do-joon thought that the right way to do business was to increase productivity, but for Jin Yang-chul, money was the right way.

The first time I heard this conversation, I found out that Jin Do-joon seems to like justice and righteousness so much that he went to law school and I’m glad he’s not interested in business. The next day came the bad news, because Hyunseong Daily deliberately manipulated the public opinion to make Miracle Investment Company to acquire Ajinomoto, so that the public felt that it was deliberately pleasing foreign public opinion, so that Ajinomoto employees also think that they should protect the national enterprises and The company’s employees have refused to sign a contract with Miracle Investment, and Jin Do-joon was dumbfounded when he learned of the deal. The company’s employees have been working on a case to get the representative of Song Hyun Chang to step down (deliberately to operate as a corruption), so that there is also an excuse to lay off all the employees of Ah Jin Motors.

Oh Se-hyun is confused as to why Jin Do-joon is so insistent on acquiring Yazin Motors, and he also understands that Jin Do-joon’s goal is to keep the workers in their jobs. Jin Do-joon doesn’t care if he can buy Ajin’s car, he just wants the workers to stay in their jobs because the layoffs caused by Soon Yang will make his mother die from the shock of seeing his father get beaten up in the fight. The company’s main goal is to get the company’s employees to stay in their jobs.

The company’s shares in the world’s top ten car companies (the future will be a big hit for Sunyang Motors) to retain Oh Se-hyun, and he went to Jin Yang-chul to negotiate, providing a way to keep Sunyang Motors and Yazin Motors without joining with Daeyoung, and Miracle Corporation can provide the capital for the Sunyang acquisition, but the condition is to let Yazin Motors workers stay on, in In the end, Jin Yang-chul accepted the condition and went to see the president, asking the president to make a deal with businessmen, so that the subsidiaries of large enterprises that need to be restructured to carry out barter exchanges, and at the same time to provide loan services and lower taxes for enterprises that are in line with the policy, so that the large enterprises opposed to restructuring will be willing to cooperate, and the president can become the IMF’s ideal president to successfully promote plutocratic reform. However, Jin Do-joon himself bought his mother’s restaurant long ago to give her a chance to continue her business, but the problem is that what Jin Do-joon did did not bring back her death.

Reborn Rich Episode 5 Review

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This week’s episode focuses on the period when Korea was facing the Asian financial crisis, and this episode is divided into two main points, one is how Jin Yang-chul let Soon Yang survive this wave of financial crisis; the other is how Jin Do-joon saved Yoon Hyun-woo’s original family from the financial turmoil.

After the Asian financial crisis, Korea was in a dark period of the Asian financial crisis in 1997, and the Korean economy showed signs of imminent bankruptcy. The Korean won in his hand would only depreciate greatly and lose its value.

If viewers have watched “25, 21”, they will understand that in January 1988, there was a “gold donation campaign” in Korea (at that time, Rohito’s mother also took gold jewelry to donate), which was a national campaign to save the country from gold to repay the national bonds to save domestic companies, and those daughters-in-law of Soon-yang in this episode also led the donation in front of the media, in reality, Korea really took just four years to pay off its debts. In reality, Korea really paid off its debt in just four years, and this kind of centripetal force is also a very impressive scenario.

How Jin Yang-chul Survived the Asian Financial Crisis

This part should be the part I am looking forward to the most in this episode, I would like to discuss about how these plutocrats cope and compete with each other in this episode, as mentioned in the drama, the IMF is willing to give $21 billion to Korea for financial aid, but the condition is that it “will interfere with Korea’s economy and market” (which is also the meaning of plutocratic reform mentioned in the drama), this is also why Jin Yang-chul would say that people This is also the reason why Jin Yang-chul would say that people who come with money have to take off their underwear to others, meaning that he cannot even keep his own bottom, and it is up to others to decide whether to collect or keep the company and reorganize it, which is why Jin Yang-chul is so unhappy.

From Jin Yang-chul’s approach and thinking in the face of this financial turmoil, although cruel but really is a businessman, his ideas are really wild and bold, but there is indeed a great deal of truth, the so-called “crisis is the opportunity to turn”, in the dinner Jin Yang-chul and Joo Young-il two people said that the big market does not enter the international market, the Sun Yang will do, so Jin Yang-chul Yang-chul’s idea is to do the opposite, take advantage of this time to spit on the bottom of the Sunyang car to big, using the quality of Asian cars to replace, and to enter the international, “the real bomb is not the Asian cars, but our ten thousand years hanging the bottom of the Sunyang car,” to make money abroad does not need domestic domestic demand to support, but also to escape the domestic financial turmoil and the impact of the recession, is really very It’s really a great idea! And also to continue Jin Yang-chul’s persistence in the auto industry, “the acquisition of Ajinomotive is not an option, but the only way we can go, so that we can survive”.

However, this road has already been overtaken by Jin Do-joon in the fourth episode to deploy the car, Jin Yang-chul helplessly lamented that this is his sons … This scene is heartbreaking enough, I think the scriptwriter brought Jin Seong-joon back to the family, as if to show Jin Yang-chul’s desire to inherit. The reason why Jin Yang-chul said “you are the spiritual pillar of our family” is because he wanted to put the hope of succession on Jin Seong-joon, which should also pave the way for the story line of the successor later on ~ and may bring up the cause of Jin Do-joon’s death.

Jin Do-joon “If the reconciliation of labor and management can improve productivity, isn’t it good for the company? I think that’s the right way to do business, as grandpa said,” Jin Yang-chul “Do you know why it’s not possible to support workers so they don’t worry about food and clothing? It’s not a big deal to lay off workers, it’s just to make them clear who is the master, and to me, the money is the right way, as you just said. The first time I saw a car, I had to go to the airport. In the end, Jin Do-joon’s proposed method to resolve the crisis was really good, satisfying Jin Yang-chul’s appetite and achieving the result he wanted.

  • Jin Yang-chul does not want to merge with the big business in the auto industry, but Jin Yang-chul does not have the capital and financial resources to fight with the big business to buy Yazin Motors, so Jin Do-joon asked Oh Se-hyun to convey the method is to make Sunyang Motors into a top ten car company, so according to Jin Yang-chul’s ambition, he will naturally agree to Oh Se-hyun’s financial sponsorship. Jin Yang-chul can also convince the president to give him Yazin Motors, which said that the world’s top ten car companies are “Yazin Motors and Sunyang Motors merged with Sunyang Electronics”, which I think will also be the future of the electric car market.

    – The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Jin Do-joon acquires Yazin Motors with the aim of saving the original family

The story line of Yoon Hyun-woo’s original family, which has not been covered in the past few episodes, was not expected to be drawn back in this episode, but it was still surprisingly saddening and touching. Maybe it’s because I have a special feeling about parents worrying about money, especially in a scene where Jin Do-joon is looking at his mother’s pale back, and the feeling of not being able to express his affection is really resonant.


Here we learn that Yoon Hyun-woo’s father joined the union to fight for a paycheck and has not been looking for a new job for months without a paycheck, and his mother says what to do about Yoon Hyun-woo’s college. This echoes the first episode where Yoon Hyun-woo was ridiculed and sarcastic at the company for being a team leader at a job in Sunyang despite being a middle school graduate, and here I think the audience can understand that Yoon Hyun-woo’s lack of understanding towards his father in the first episode was because he did not listen to his mother and went to the union to protest for several months. He was not only unable to go to university, but also prevented himself from having a good academic background, and even his mother was involved and died.

If viewers remember, in the first episode, Yoon Hyun-woo’s father was scolded by Yoon Hyun-woo on the anniversary of his mother’s death, and Yoon Hyun-woo said angrily, “You are the head of the family because you organized the family and became the head of the family. Dad, are you qualified to say this to me? You are saying this on the anniversary of mom’s death?” In the fifth episode, Yoon Hyun-woo’s father said, “I’m the top mechanic of Yazin Motors, what did I do wrong? Why did I become such a loser, why in the world? I think it is only now that Yoon Hyun-woo knows his father’s grievances and thoughts.

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For Yoon Hyun-woo, it is clear that Yoon Hyun-woo is now regretting the scolding words he said to his father because he never knew that his father also blamed himself for becoming a waste. This is a misunderstanding that Yoon Hyun-woo has never been able to resolve before, and now Yoon Hyun-woo can finally let go of it in his heart.


In a way, it seems that Soon-Yo is also the culprit who broke up Yoon Hyun-woo’s family because the premise of Jin Yang-chul’s acquisition of Yazin Motors was to disapprove of “labor retention”, so Yoon Hyun-woo’s father actually lost his job at this time, which silently reinforced the fact that Jin Do-joon must take revenge on Jin Yang-chul and Soon-Yo. -The reason for the death of Yoon Hyun-woo’s mother is that her father insisted on fighting and the mother suffered a big blow. The next episode of the show will show Jin Do-joon trying to find out the truth about his mother’s death.