‘ Reborn Rich ‘ Episode 4 Recap and Review


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Reborn Rich Episode 4 Recap

The first time the two of them are in the same room, they are in the same room. Jin Yang-chul is very happy with the new engine developed for the new car, but Jin Hwa-young suddenly says that the car business is a bottomless pit of money, why do you want to do a business that does not pay back, Jin Yang-chul’s face immediately turns blue. The first thing that happened was that Jin Hwa-young was jealous of Choi Chang-je’s election to the National Assembly, and Jin Yang-chul wanted Jin Hwa-young to be the best of the best, not the main course.

However, the race is still temporarily lost to Dae-young, when Jin Yang-chul’s arch-rival Joo Young-il shows up to show off why Jin Yang-chul wants to beat him so badly, but Jin Yang-chul wisely counters by saying that he can use the car to fight it out, and that it’s not really over until the last minute. Joo Young-il proudly says that Sunyang will never win the race because Jin Yang-chul only sees himself and thinks that Sunyang is his own. The company’s main business is to provide a service to the public.

The first thing Jin Yang-chul did was to question why Jin Do-joon knew about this secret place. Jin Do-joon said he knew that Jin Yang-chul’s obsession with the automobile industry was due to his past of starting a business from scratch and didn’t want Choi-je to go into politics. Jin Do-joon’s understanding of these things made Jin Yang-chul feel as if he had been nakedly seen through, but after Jin Do-joon’s encouragement, Jin Yang-chul turned this grief into a fighting spirit and gave a very exciting speech at the car show, reversing the perception of today’s racing loss. Jin Dong-ki feels that the situation is not good, and on behalf of Jin Yang-chul, he has a strong desire to acquire the steel company.

Jin Young-gi wondered where the big battalion would get the money to buy the company, so he thought that there was an unexpected owner (an alliance) behind the acquisition. The market was shocked when Jin Yang-chul was told about the relationship between Jin Do-joon and Oh Se-hyun, while Jin Hwa-young liquidated some of the real estate and stocks of the Sunyang Department Store.

Jin Yang-chul expresses to Jin Do-joon that he will never forgive anyone who betrays him, even if he has a bloodline, Jin Do-joon thinks that Jin Yang-chul has found something, so he says that he has invested 24 billion dollars in movies in New York, making Jin Yang-chul unhappy about spending money. Jin Do-joon has a big fight with Oh Se-hyun at the hotel about the acquisition of the steel company (because Seo Min-young specifically reminded them of the wiretap in the harbor). But Oh Se-hyun said that Jin Do-joon only contributed to the Power Shares branch in Korea and invested in an online bookstore. The company’s mission is just to be sent by Wall Street.

The younger brother who knocked over the older brother’s good food was Jin Dong-ki. Jin Dong-ki used Soon Yang Chemical to give money to the big camp to buy it and to fight against Jin Young-gi, but Jin Yang-chul was not angry and thought he was a businessman. Jin Young-gi has already planned to raise the acquisition amount to 75 billion, when Jin Hwa-young suddenly appeared and said he could offer 50 billion, but only if Jin Young-gi would help Choi Chang-je to enter the political arena. The betrayal of Jin Dong-ki also makes Jin Dong-ki himself very weak and afraid to make a sound at home.

Reborn Rich Episode 4 Review

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“In order to understand the flow of money, one needs to understand other things first, that is, the owner of the money, “human beings”. If we apply the English “You are what you eat” to the workplace, the look of a company is the look of a leader, so if you want to invest, what you need to know is what Oh Se-hyun said, “Know the owner of the money”. The autobiography that Yoon Hyun-woo had read before was brought to life for him to understand. If you watch the episode carefully, you will find that there are many scenes in the episode where the director has been listening intently to all the conversations and expressions of the whole family. In this episode, Jin Do-joon’s plan is even more expanded than the previous one, as he manipulates everyone in the family to achieve his goal of making Sunyang responsible for the debt.

In this episode, the main focus is on Jin Yang-chul’s obsession with the auto industry. In the episode, Jin Hwa-young says that the Sunyang auto industry has been bottoming out every time and is a bottomless pit of money. This is why in the first 15 minutes of the fourth episode, the director keeps focusing on Jin Yang-chul’s plans for the auto industry and the picture that Jin Do-joon has been observing.

“I’m not a hooligan, I’m a businessman, and I want to fight it out with a car, right? It’s not really over until the very end.” I like the way the scriptwriter gives Jin Yang-chul’s defeat in front of the chairman of Dae-young in this episode, but he also pinpoints Soon-yang’s fatal wound: “You only think that Soon-yang is your own, don’t you? This is a bit of an insinuation of the Samsung Group’s plutocratic family’s internal struggle, as compared to the loyalty of the Daeyoung president’s sons to their father’s business, and the unworthiness and competition of Soon-yang’s siblings, which illustrates that Jin Yang-chul would slap Jin Young-gi, whose heart is really stabbed by Joo Young-il in a precise and bloody way.


In the previous life, Yoon Hyun-woo was looking for Jin Seong-joon to attend the unveiling of the new car, and now he is looking for Jin Yang-chul to come to the unveiling of the new car. This time echoes to the first episode when Yoon Hyun-woo was the head of the future asset management team in Sunyang that shrewd! The show’s script is a strong contrast between Jin Do-joon’s actions and Jin Young-gi’s ideas, so that the audience can know what Jin Yang-chul is really angry at Jin Young-gi’s successor.


I think Yoon Hyun-woo’s entry into Jin Yang-chul’s life after being reborn as Jin Do-joon is also a blessing for Jin Yang-chul, how should I put it? The purpose of Jin Do-joon is to give a severe blow to Soon-yang, but in the fourth episode Jin Do-joon told the story of Soon-yang’s start from scratch from a rice mill is an allusion to the story of Samsung Group’s Lee Byung-cheol’s start in business, however, I really like the presentation of this section because the scriptwriter put the focus on the character of Jin Yang-chul, but also the character of Jin Yang-chul who was defeated I like the way the screenplay focuses on the character of Jin Yang-chul, and how the character of Jin Yang-chul, who is frustrated by the downturn, can be so emotional.

Jin Yang-chul knows how difficult it was for him to get to this point from nothing, so his dedication to Sunyang Motors is something that only Jin Do-joon can understand now, and frankly speaking, seeing Jin Yang-chul’s failure this time really shows us that a successful man has a vulnerable side inside. For Jin Yang-chul, and for anyone who has worked hard to reach the top, this kind of “deep inner understanding” is what only a real human being would want, and because of that, Jin Do-joon’s understanding of Jin Yang-chul can be good, but it can also be bad.

After all, honey can also be poison. Jin Do-joon’s understanding of Jin Yang-chul’s heart is actually a double-edged sword, and his care and companionship for Jin Yang-chul is a manipulation of Jin Yang-chul. In fact, Jin Do-joon and Oh Se-hyun are just acting for the people of the family, Jin Do-joon can see that Jin Yang-chul’s dedication to the automobile industry is in line with Jin Yang-chul’s original intention, and it also deepens Jin Yang-chul’s confidence and motivation in the automobile industry, which leads Jin Yang-chul step by step to the desire to acquire the steel company more and more ~

The whole plan is that Jin Do-joon did not pay for the steel company at all (he did not intend to do so either), he used the greedy human nature of the three siblings to induce his own plan (like Jin Dong-ki who accidentally joined the price hike in order to prove his brother’s ability to turn over the car, and to help Dae-yong because he did not think highly of Soon Yang Motors), Jin Young-gi The struggle between Jin Young-gi and Jin Dong-ki will of course provoke a confrontation. Jin Young-gi, in order to confront Power Shares and not to let Daeyoung take the steel company, has forced the acquisition amount to 75 billion (this is Jin Do-joon’s deliberate plan to inflate the price). -il also showed that the two are old rivals, Jin Yang-chul also said to use the automobile industry to compete, so this steel company is necessary for the Soon Yang.

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Therefore, in order to fight against the big battalion, Soon-Yong will borrow a lot of money from the bank in order to get the steel company (this will be very dangerous for the upcoming Asian financial crisis, because in the financial crisis these debts will not be repaid, plus this acquisition is like making Soon-Yong carry the debt), and Jin Do-joon actually took the original $24 billion to invest in the U.S. company (Amazon The company made nine times as much money as it did in the U.S. (Amazon).

Now Jin Do-joon has more money than Soon-yang, plus the last scene of this episode is a series of reports of several companies are facing capital collapse and bankruptcy, which implies that now is the Asian financial crisis, along with the government to declare bankruptcy of the dilemma, everything has become a high debt, degraded to a third world country, which for Jin Do-joon Jin Yang- chul crisis will become his However, it is hard to say that Soon Yang will fall because in the era of “Yoon Hyun-woo”, the previous life of Do-joon, Soon Yang also survived this period of time, and Jin Yang-chul’s skills can not only be this, the next episode can look forward to Jin Yang- chul how to save his own fortune. The next episode can be expected to Jin Yang-chul how to save their own fortune.