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Kdrama’Little Women’Episode 1 Recap&Review&Explained

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💰 Episode 1 Recap&Review&Explained
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Little Women Episode 1 Recap

In-ju and In-kyung want to surprise In-hye on her birthday secretly. In-ju tells how she used to long for her friends to sing happy birthday songs for her, when her mother went through the fridge and used five eggs as cake for In-ju’s birthday, but now In-ju and In-kyung feel better than others because they can afford to buy a cake for In-hye’s birthday, while her mother bought a box of radishes. In-ju and In-kyung give In-hye a sum of money to go to Europe for her birthday, and when her mother sees the large sum of money, she wonders why they didn’t give her money five years ago to go to the Philippines to see her father. Dad? In-ju is very angry and says that her father relied on her two sisters to pay off his gambling debts five years ago, so there is no way she can afford to buy a plane ticket, not to mention the fact that her father only has a broken leg.

★In-hye is upset that his mother thinks he is a child from a disadvantaged group and he repeats to his sister that he took the exam to enter the school. In-hye is very calm when he finds out that his mother took the money away from him, but he hates his sister’s hard work. In-ju also found out that he made the wrong move because he had already been ostracized, and if people knew he had no money, he would only be gossiped about.

★In-ju was not only a woman, but also a woman in the marriage market, and she decided to take money to help In-ju. In-kyung choked up because of the report of a family going to the end of the road because of poverty, and was accused by her boss, and the seniors privately asked In-kyung to change her problem of being too empathetic and not to insist on pursuing every small case, and her too patient personality made the seniors guess that In-kyung’s family seemed to be very poor. The first time I visited In-kyung, I went to visit her again.

★In-ju is dressed up to have dinner with Jin Hwa-young, and wears Jin Hwa-young’s beautiful jacket and shoes to enter a high-end restaurant, which attracts her attention. In-ju suddenly meets a girl wearing the same type of high heels in the bathroom and learns that there are only three pairs of these shoes in the whole country (In-ju realizes that Jin Hwa-young’s shoes are so powerful). The story is that Oh Hye-seok asked In-kyung to take 1.25 million won as a job and come to help read the newspaper every weekend. When he left, he met Ha Jong-ho with Oh Hye-seok’s package, and it seems that Oh Hye-seok deliberately designed for Ha Jong-ho to meet In-kyung by chance.

★Park Jae-sang, an elite lawyer, is preparing to run for mayor with the Civic Party, and Cho Man-kyu thinks that this kind of ideology can win the hearts of the people. In-ju is upset because she thinks that people will think they are poor and give them alms. The next day, after Choi Do-il met In-ju, In-ju found out that Choi Do-il and Park Jae-sang had met and seemed to discuss something. The nephew of Mr. Kim asked In-kyung to investigate the case, but he forgot about it because there was nothing suspicious.

★The four people who were prosecuted by the savings bank were 32 people, four of whom committed suicide, and the lawyers representing these four people happened to be Park Jae-sang, and the final flow of 140 billion won would go to Park Jae-sang’s wife’s brother (the representative of Won-ryung Industry who was preparing the financing project business at that time). In-kyung was in tears because the four people killed themselves, and was filmed by everyone at the scene. Choi Do-il suddenly asked In-ju for dinner, causing everyone to be jealous, but Choi Do-il wanted In-ju’s help because he couldn’t reach Jin Hwa-young for several days.

★In-ju found Jin Hwa-young’s house and found no one there (Choi Do-il clearly said that Jin Hwa-young had arrived in Korea a few days ago), but found Jin Hwa-young hanging in the closet. However, what In-ju didn’t expect was that Shin Hyun-min and Choi Do-il both said that Jin Hwa-young had stolen money from the company for 15 years. However, In-ju was surprised when Shin Hyun-min and Choi Do-il both said that Jin Hwa-young had stolen the company’s money for 15 years and had also taken 70 billion won from the European office account, which they had learned a few days before.

★In-ju couldn’t accept this fact and decided to resign. On the other hand, In-kyung was also suspended for one month for drinking at work. When In-ju went to the yoga studio that Jin Hwa-young had transferred, he found all the things that Jin Hwa-young had left in the locker and the cash! She left a message for In-ju to give his sisters a nice apartment and a good life, which made In-ju collapse.

Little Women Episode 1 Review & Explained

The first episode of “Little Women” lays the groundwork for the plot that will shake us to our core, especially the first episode where the mother of the three children’s dumbfounding behavior is the shocking bomb for the audience, but also the starting point and motivation for the discussion of “money”. The whole drama “Little Women” is entirely about “money”, and many of the dialogues in the first episode alone are based on “money”.

Money can be a dream, a calculation, happiness, meanness, resentment, status, the culprit that destroys a family, or the opportunity to end one’s life. The mother of the three sisters in the screenplay is a very dumbfounding persona, and I don’t know why she can still be so out of character after her husband ran away with a large amount of debt, and is completely out of character with the daughters 😂

“Some people aren’t fit to be mothers, and our mothers are just that kind of person.”
“I’m not sad at all because my mom is telling the truth, but I hate it when you guys try so hard.

I can completely understand the pressure In-hye would put on her sister to try to raise money to help her realize her birthday wish. I think In-hye’s mind must have been thinking, “I’ll do it with my own strength, I’d rather not have two sisters sacrifice themselves for my own pleasure (that’s why In-hye went to help Park Hyo-rin paint that portrait to earn money).

So when In-hye repeated to In-kyung that “I didn’t get into school by being a disadvantaged student”, I think it doesn’t mean that In-hye now knows that she spent a lot of money on her sister to get her into school, but I think there are a lot of emotions hidden in this statement.

“People only empathize with people in similar situations to themselves.

Although Jin Hwa-young made this statement, it really proves that only people like In-kyung can feel empathy for people in the same situation, because the news In-kyung reported was about a family of four who went to a dead end because of poverty. In fact, this symbolizes that in this society, if one has not experienced the experience of being tied up in poverty like In-kyung and his family, one will not understand their feelings. The two sisters in the workplace are trying very hard to cover up their shortcomings to be known by others.

In-ju and Jin Hwa-young are ostracized in the company, which explains the situation of In-ju and In-kyung. In-ju and In-kyung’s situation is the same as their reaction and behavior in this society, which also shows the ugliness of this society (or the inexplicable subtle rules), people only compare who has money, status and connections.

“Do you prefer rich but bad parents or incompetent but kind parents?

Children who grow up in a family with limited resources and abandoned by their parents will be more or less resentful of their parents, and they will also be more or less resentful of God, wondering why they grew up in such a family. I think there is no standard answer to this question, because some people will feel content, but some will choose to go to a richer home, even if they have to hold back their unhappiness, this question is like asking at the same time, do you want to choose money or happiness in a poor family~.

The three sisters are poor, so they have been working harder than others to prove themselves and survive in this cruel society, whether it is In-kyung who is trying to prove that she is right about Park Jae-sang, or In-ju’s marginalized people in the company who have the “X file” so that they can survive in the corner, just like Jin Hwa-young who said, “The marginalized people have the X file. The most important thing for a marginalized person is what Jin Hwa-young said: “What is the most important thing for a marginalized person? The three sisters and Jin Hwa-young, as well as those who are marginalized by money in this society, are trying to live their lives in this way.

However, for me, the edge of poverty in society is a kind of “turning point of choice”, let’s take the character of Park Jae-sang: “What would happen if my father had money? What if I had a rich father too? Park Jae-sang himself is a poor child, and everyone has a different state of mind when faced with poverty. The case of the savings bank, however, Park Jae-sang seems to have made an unclean move. I’ve heard that it’s true that “I’m afraid of being poor” because sometimes being poor can make a person gradually cross the moral line.

In-ju’s best friend Jin Hwa-young is accused by Shin Hyun-min and Choi Do-il of stealing Jin Hwa-young’s secret money, because Choi Do-il had a meeting with Park Jae-sang when she couldn’t contact Jin Hwa-young. (I think the money is probably linked to Park Jae-sang.) However, everyone has different trials and tribulations because of money, how far are you willing to go for money? For example, the mother of the three sisters took In-hye’s money and ran off to the Philippines, or Jin Hwa-young may have stolen the 70 billion, or even Park Jae-sang may have killed his four clients for money and status?

“How high can people at the bottom of society climb? It’s a pity, if only we could have survived one more week, we could have proved it”, I think it’s like Jin Hwa-young knows that he already knows his death date? Or maybe he’s suggesting that the money may have been found out and thus he can’t get to the top of the ladder, so he’s using this last week to enjoy himself and then die (possibly by suicide, or by knowing his own death is imminent).

Jin Hwa-young’s suicide echoes the narration in this episode: “What can make a person choose to commit suicide? Is it money?” After all, what makes me suspicious is that Park Jae-sang and a few of his clients’ suicides are very similar, so Jin Hwa-young’s death will certainly not be simple ~ I don’t know if it is! It is possible that the most suspicious person is Park Jae-sang (or one of Park Jae-sang’s cronies), however, I think it is certain that the money is probably related to Park Jae-sang, probably his secret political fund for the election.

It is not known whether Jin Hwa-young committed suicide or he killed herself, but in Jin Hwa-young’s suicide note, she said that she wished In-ju could use the money to buy an apartment for her sisters and live a good life, which is what Jin Hwa-young and In-ju discussed in the restaurant in this episode. In-ju will only tell Jin Hwa-young these wishes, so I guess it is either Jin Hwa-young committed suicide or she “killed herself” knowing the danger she would bring if she touched the money, but I also have another feeling: “Maybe Jin Hwa-young is alive at all! She just faked her own death (?) And then she created her own look of suicide – because she is also the “Princess of Thieves”!

“If you mix too many kinds of flowers together at once, they will become nervous and start to wither; the Mandarin orchid is mean and cruel; the Kadriya orchid is realistic; the Thief Princess is excluded, it is inconspicuous now, but once it blooms, it will look like a real princess. I guess In-ju is very much like the metaphorical “burglar princess” orchid, who is ostracized, but then, after she gets through all the mysteries and intrigues, she will blossom like a princess. The other characters we are looking for may be related to the murder that is happening now.

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💰 Episode 1 Recap&Review&Explained
💰 Episode 2 Recap&Review&Explained

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