‘No One Gets Out Alive’ Plot and Trailer

Netflix’s latest original horror movie “No One Gets Out Alive” was released on 2021/9/29. The movie is based on the novel of the same name published by Adam Nevill, the original author of “The Ritual” in 2014.

After I watched this film, “No One Gets Out Alive” also has some of these elements like the movie “The Ritual” , including horror and weird rituals, murders, and the vulnerability of the human heart.

“No One Gets Out Alive” IMDb: 7.1 /10 ( instant rating please check here). I like the plot of the film, the film’s bloody parts are very good, but the only drawback is that the plot is too easy to guess. The middle part of the film can already be roughly guessed all.

The plot of “No One Gets Out Alive/”is about the heroine (Amber) who smuggled herself from Mexico to the United States to restart new life after her mother died of an illness. However, because she needed to get a fake ID card in a hurry, she had to save money and rent an extremely cheap apartment, but she didn’t think it would be like stepping into a trap.

‘No One Gets Out Alive’ Review

At the beginning, a girl is arranged to encounter strange things first, there are footprints, a stone box moving, black shadow behind, and then disappeared (very clear to tell the audience that this movie is a paranormal horror genre). Then Amber moves in because it’s cheap. And from Freya says “Red is Full of shit” (they’re not the only two girls here), and then other shadow figures appear on the stairs (at first it’s not clear whether Amber is seeing a human or a ghost, so it’s a good suspense builder).

Amber needs to do illegal work for money because she does not have legal residence to stay, so she needs a U.S. citizenship card, but why it should be Texa? Because the mother was from Texas, from the role of Amber, audience can see the plight of an immigrant, trapped by the money of a miserable girl.

In fact, this film reminds me of “The Haunting of Hill House”, but still with jump scare to scare the audience, also show many shadow figures in some corners, just like watching the occupants of the apartment.

In fact, seeing the middle of the movie can be roughly guessed that this frightening apartment is not only like haunted, but also like a cult to do some kind of religious rituals from the tenants here, and the ghost of the sacrificed people back to this apartment, so Reed and Baker strange behavior can also be roughly guessed that they are not good people, such as :

  • The handprint on the door.
  • The tape in Reed’s study says “as the sacrifice rituals are performed, then you can get a blessing in return, then the old man, woman and child are prepared to her, you will get a blessing in return.”, this passage was recorded by Reed’s father.
  • The sacrificing picture.
  • There is also a picture of a couple (it looks like Reed’s parents) with the stone box (the same box that Simone saw in the room and the stone box that Amber saw in the hospital in her dream)

All these details are to explain why Baker needs to sacrifice the woman. It all started with Reed’s father Arthur. Reed said that because Baker was sick and had no money to pay for his medical bills, they moved back to this apartment and saw what his father did to those women and killed his mother (Mary), so they killed his father together.

But after Baker started to contact the stone box, he felt that the box chose him and as a result his body started to get better, but he needed women for sacrifice. (This is why Reed said at the beginning that there would only be girls here).

No wonder there are shadow figures everywhere in the apartment, because they are the ghosts of the girls who were taken to be sacrificed.

‘No One Gets Out Alive’ Ending Explain

Beto went to the apartment to find Amber, but was attacked by Baker, Amber almost became a sacrifice. Beto woke up and saved her. However, in their escape, Amber again saw the appearance of the ward in front of the eyes. In fact, this paragraph is the monster deliberately let Amber have this dream, so this is the picture in Amber’s head, the monster is trying to let Amber think she has escaped.

So the truth is that Amber is not awake, she is still on the stone stairs, this scene of the monster out of the stone box that is Amber has recently been having nightmares, she is in the hospital room with her mother, but next to the stone box. The mother in the dream says “Can you stay a little longer?” If Amber wants to live , then she has to get over it in order to wake up and get rid of the monster.

This is also a test of Amber’s love for her mother, the past hour of film footage, we can see that Amber has always missed her mother (always listening to the voice message), so when Amber can see her mother again even though in just a dream, it is a very rare opportunity, and the monster use the human heart “can not let go”, “unwilling to get over it” to captures Amber (this is also why Petra saw her son said she wanted to go home, this is the weakness of Petra’s heart can be invaded by the monster).

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However, this is a big final twist, because Amber offers sacrifices to the monster, and her injured foot suddenly heals, she finally realizes the reason why Baker would offer sacrifices, because she can get “blessings”.

Although the film does not continue to tell the audience the rest of the story, but I guess, this ending is like telling that Amber will choose the same path as Baker, because Amber’s life is very unhappy, the whole film on Amber’s miserable life is also trying to higher the motive for the rest of this scene (cheated of money, got fired, no U.S. citizenship and other miserable life), so the final Amber also began to use the stone box to get their own blessings and things they want, so the idea is not surprising.